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    Don’t Worry, Be Healthy

    It’s been four months since we announced that CVS Health acquired Merwin LTC Pharmacy. While that certainly was big news, this headline should be reassuring—Our dedication to you will not change. We remain committed to revitalizing the patient care experience through personal service and family values that matter. We also want you to know that in the near future you will begin to see additional benefits leveraged through CVS Health’s commitment to innovation.

  • Statute Update–Medication Returns

    This year, the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy’s clarified statutes regarding medication returns: “Minnesota statutes do not currently allow pharmacies to accept drugs from ‘ultimate users’ for the purpose of having them disposed of as pharmaceutical waste. This is true for any drug—not just controlled substances.” Merwin LTC Pharmacy can only accept medication back from skilled nursing facilities that are creditable and in the original pharmacy packaging.

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  • Eight “Rights” Of Administering Medication

    To help prevent medication errors, ensure you address these rights each time you pass your medications.

    1. Right RESIDENT
    2. Right DRUG
    3. Right DOSE
    4. Right DOSAGE FORM
    5. Right ROUTE
    6. Right TIME
    7. Right REASON

    For more information, visit Lippincott NursingCenter®.

  • Top Five High Risk Medications

    1. Heparin 2. Lovenox® 3. Coumadin® 4. Insulin 5. Digoxin These high risk drugs have a low therapeutic index* which can lead to increased ER visits and hospitalizations. When these drugs are used in error, there is a heightened risk of significant resident harm and/or death. Close clinical monitoring is required for unstable residents based on their labs, c/o and signs/symptoms, and significant medication errors need to be called into Common Entry Point (CEP). It’s also critical to notify your supervisor and follow your P&P when such an error occurs.

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  • Easy Does It With FrameworkLink

    In this day and age, most of us look for ways to make our lives easier through the use of technology. That’s no exception with Merwin LTC Pharmcy’s FrameworkLink web portal. This powerful communications tool allows information to be seamlessly shared between the pharmacy and your facility, while allowing manual tasks to be automated with a couple quick clicks. What could be easier?

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