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  • Insulin Pen Packaging Change

    You may have noticed the new insulin pen packaging we introduced in July of this year. Each pen is now individually bagged with a label on the outside and a smaller label directly on the insulin pen. Multiple pens are handled the same way. In order to be compliant with labeling regulations, facility staff should return the insulin pen to the bag after each use.

  • Drug Diversion—It’s Time To Deal With It

    Diversion can happen anywhere, anytime. Unfortunately, it’s not aways dealt with openly due to fears about negative publicity or state and federal involvement. There is also some uncertainty about proper methods of reporting diversion, particularly with drugs like anabolic steroids, central nervous system depressants, hallucinogens, opioids and stimulants. The following resources and article from McKnight’s […]

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  • Ask The Nursing Expert

    In a June 6, 2016 article in McKnight’s, Angel McGarrity-Davis, RN, CDONA, NHA shares her experiences, insights and inspiration as a director of nursing new to long-term care.  McKnight’s article.

  • FDA Suggests Further Limiting Use of Fluoroquinolones

    In 2016 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced in a Drug Safety Communication that prescribers should limit use of systemic fluoroquinolone antibiotics to only situations where alternative treatment options are unavailable for certain infections. This FDA announcement follows a safety review that showed a significant risk of “disabling and potentially permanent serious side effects” involving tendons, muscles, joints, and nerves. Individuals prescribed fluoroquinolones should be closely monitored for tendon, joint and/or muscle pain, a tingling or pricking sensation, confusion, and/or hallucinations.

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  • PPIs – Not As Safe As We Thought

    While Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) are very effective in acid reduction and with gastric and peptic ulcers, recent issues have surfaced. When PPIs first came out they were thought to be safe. As a result, they were approved for OTC use. Now, however, they are linked to many undesirable side effects as well as a higher rate of dementia and even MIs or GI cancer. The most recent revision of American Geriatric Society’s (AGS) Beers criteria strongly recommends against using PPIs beyond eight weeks.

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