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Merwin Pharmacy | 797 Compliance

797 Compliance

Merwin IV & Specialty Pharmacy adheres to all 797 compliance regulations. The list below is a small sampling of what we do to maintain compliance.

Test IV room and equipment for acceptable air quality. The Pharmacy IV hoods and admixture area go through rigorous testing. We work with companies that are experts in clean room environments. They test for air quality, airflow velocity and purity. Air filters are tested and certified. All of these activities ensure that the equipment provides a clean atmosphere to conduct IV mixing.

Train and test employees who will be using area. All employees who work with this equipment have received extensive training and education prior to mixing IVs. Work technique is an important aspect of keeping the environment safe and clean.

Keep stringent cleaning protocols and records of cleaning. We rotate three different types of cleans to limit microbial resistance. Merwin IV & Specialty Pharmacy brought in outside experts to advise on the best cleaning protocols to use for our activities. Detailed records are kept on cleanings.

Employees use personal protective equipment, aseptic technical and mixing precautions while working in the IV environment. IV gowns, beard covers, gloves, hair bouffants and masks are utilized to provide a clean working environment.

Determine storage, handling and expiration dates of all products based on type of admixture and current manufacturer information. We utilize conservative information to ensure that products are stable and suitable for use. We use available manufacturer information and best pharmacy practices.

Have a quality assurance program that addresses monitoring, evaluation, correction and improving activities. We are constantly examining policies, procedures and operations to achieve the highest level of quality. All employees are involved and empowered in this process.

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