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Merwin Pharmacy | Consultant Pharmacist

Consultant Pharmacist

Every Merwin partner is paired with a consultant pharmacist. These highly trained specialists are well versed in geriatric medicine, and they serve as invaluable resources.

Our consultant pharmacists provide peace of mind with monthly medication reviews. They look through nursing notes, consider diagnoses and side effects. They collaborate with facility staff to improve care regimens. They employ a potent blend of innovative thinking and practical expertise to troubleshoot challenges.

Since Merwin consultant pharmacists stay current with all CMS regulations, they offer critical support when it comes to regulatory compliance. For added assurance, they’re also available to attend quality assurance and  performance improvement “QAPI” activities. Consider Merwin LTC Pharmacy as your “QAPI” partner.

We know how deeply our partner facilities rely on our consultant pharmacists. That’s why we make sure every consultant has enough time to spend with each facility. For us, it’s more than a checklist. It’s a partnership with a common goal.

Need a little extra support? Our consultant pharmacists are available for customized consulting services that go above and beyond Merwin’s signature packages. Let us work with you to build a tailored support program.

Contact us today at 844-637-9461 (844-MERWIN1) or to learn how we help revitalize the patient experience.