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Top Five High Risk Medications

1. Heparin
2. Lovenox®
3. Coumadin®
4. Insulin
5. Digoxin

These high risk drugs have a low therapeutic index* which can lead to increased ER visits and hospitalizations. When these drugs are used in error, there is a heightened risk of significant resident harm and/or death. Close clinical monitoring is required for unstable residents based on their labs, c/o and signs/symptoms, and significant medication errors need to be called into Common Entry Point (CEP). It’s also critical to notify your supervisor and follow your P&P when such an error occurs. Merwin LTC Pharmacy’s consultant pharmacists and RN consultant offer in-services to teach and educate staff on how to prevent errors and how to effectively administer medication.

*Therapeutic Index: from the time drugs become effective/therapeutic to when they become toxic.